SiFly Stellar R E-Foil


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The European Space Agency approves: The newest flagship SiFly Stellar R is ready for take-off. So what about you?

SiFly Stellar R E-Foil - INFORMATION

SiFly is determined to create high-quality and durable e-foils that are easy to use for both beginners and experienced riders. Their goal is to make e-foiling accessible to a wider range of people, so they carefully consider every detail of their e-foils to ensure safety, robustness, and user-friendliness. They want everyone to be able to experience the thrill of e-foiling, regardless of their surfing or water sports experience.

The SiFly Stellar R is the perfect e-foil for riders of all levels, with its stable design, integrated mast foot, and visible carbon construction. It's easy to learn on and fun to ride, and it will help you to take your e-foiling to the next level.

One of the most notable improvements is the new integrated mast foot. This helps to minimize resistance during touchdowns, making the Stellar R even more predictable and forgiving. This is especially beneficial for beginners and intermediate riders who are still learning the ropes. Another key improvement is the visible carbon construction. This not only makes the Stellar R look stunning, but it also significantly lowers the overall weight. This makes the board easier to control and maneuver, especially during carving. The Stellar R also features a number of other improvements, such as a new deck shape that provides more support and stability, and a revised foil setup that offers stunning performance in a variety of conditions.


  • Remote Controller
  • RC Wireless Charger
  • PowerCell LR
  • Smart Charger
  • your choice of wings & mast lenght

Performance That Will Take You To The Stars

The SiFly Stellar E-Foil is propelled by a robust 8 kW brushless electric motor with a direct drive system for reduced vibration and increased longevity. It also features a custom-designed high-efficiency propeller that maximizes power and efficiency. This combination results in an incredibly powerful and efficient e-foil that is also low-maintenance and reliable.

Even Marsmen Could Handle It

The SiFly controller is a wireless, waterproof, and intelligent device that offers advanced safety and convenience features. It is wirelessly charged, so you don't have to worry about messy cables and connectors. It is also IP68 certified waterproof, so you can use it in any environment, including saltwater, lakes, and rivers. The controller also features smart fall-off detection, which automatically turns off the motor if the rider falls off the e-foil. This helps to prevent accidents and injuries. Additionally, the controller has a large, easy-to-read display with intuitive controls, making it easy to use.

Nuclear Power No Thanks

The SiFly PowerCell LR is a long-lasting battery pack with a capacity of 2.3 kWh. It is designed and tested with safety as the top priority, featuring triple short circuit protection, an intelligent BMS, and complete waterproofing. It provides up to 120 minutes of riding time, communicates wirelessly with the board, and is charged by a customized 25A Smart Charger.

Connected Not Only To Sattelites

SiFly e-foils are now connected to your smartphone, allowing you to track your rides, customize your board settings, and create and manage profiles. SiFly makes it super simple to visualize your tracking data and adjust any desirable setting to match your riding style.


  • Cruiser 1300 + CR300 - faster, more versatile combination (for advanced riders)
  • Cruiser 1900 + CR340 - maximum stability & lower speeds (ideal for learning)
Mast Lenghts
  • 55cm - closer to the water, more stability & control (great for beginners)
  • 75cm - better for rougher seas, more agile & maneuvrable (great for experienced surfers)

SiFly Stellar R E-Foil - DETAILS

Stellar Series
Stellar S
Stellar R
Speed up to
45 km/h
up to
45 km/h
Runtime up to
2 hrs
up to
2 hrs
2,5 hrs
2,5 hrs
Weight approx.
32 kg
33 kg
Volume 98 L 120 L

3 reviews for SiFly Stellar R E-Foil

  1. English

    Javier Sánchez


    From the moment I unpacked the SiFly Stellar R, I knew I was in front of something special. The attention to detail in the design and the quality of manufacturing and finishing is simply impressive. As a beginner in the world of efoiling, I had my doubts about the ease of use and the learning curve, but the Stellar R has exceeded all my expectations. It's a product I would recommend without hesitation to anyone interested in efoiling, regardless of their experience level.

  2. English

    Alex Martínez


    After trying the SiFly Stellar R, I'm thrilled! Its ease of use, and the long battery life, has impressed me. Being able to connect it to the phone is a great plus. Definitely, a good purchase.

  3. English

    Laura G


    I gave it to my husband and he is delighted. Even though he doesn't have much experience, he was fascinated. He connects it to his phone and sees all the information. Definitely, it was a successful gift that he enjoys to the fullest. Now he can't wait to get out on the water whenever he has the chance.

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