Audi e-tron Wings Set


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Wings Sets for different riding styles designed by professionals in aircraft model making. From larger models for beginners to smaller, more agile sets, who support fast and dynamic reactions. Take your performance to the next level with this custom equipment made for your Audi e-foil.

AUDI E-Tron Foil Wings Set - INFORMATION

Want to take the fun of riding your e-foil to a new chapter or having trouble finding the right balance? Don't worry, with the new e-tron accessory wings all your difficulties will be solved in no time whatsoever.

The Audi e-tron Wings contain more engineering skill than anyone would expect. Inspired by aerodynamic aspects of aircraft model making, the founding team created a carbon made state of the art fin model that is second to none. Experts will immediately notice the difference, as the design sets new standards in terms of acceleration, freedom of movement and steadiness.

There are 6 different sizes available, which can be adjusted according to your riding style and experience. Here it is recommended especially for beginners to choose a larger model to achieve the greatest possible stability. True pros, of course, crave an agile board that supports their exciting style of surfing. They should take a look at the smaller sizes to find next level performance.

Easyride 1750 (paired with Stabilizer 500)

The biggest wing set out of the batch for a maximum of evenness. This combination will be the safest option for an easy beginning. Improved stability and slower speeds will allow anyone to have control over their board, which ultimately leads to fewer unplanned situations.

Anyone who is interested in learning to surf will find this option to be the most comfortable since it doesn't require too many skills holding the balance. Nevertheless, the acceleration and agility are enough for many hours of pure driving fun, whereby the entry is immediately successful and everyone feels well taken care of.

Freeride 1350 (paired with Stabilizer 400)

The standard wing set for the perfect compensation between riding pleasure and stability. It ensures a fast learning curve and is therefore ideally suited for beginners.

It should not be missing in any equipment, as it provides an exciting experience and high speeds despite a high degree of balance. In addition, you can let enthusiastic spectators, such as friends or family, start a self-attempt, where their quick success is guaranteed.

With achievable speeds of up to 46 km/h, no one will get bored anytime soon. And thanks to the supportive balance, even rougher times are manageable.

Freeride 1100 (paired with Stabilizer 380)

Designed to provide the advanced surfer with a customized experience that offers higher speeds at similar balance compared to the standard model. The set thus allows everyone to take the next step and therefore opens up new possibilities to find their best possible riding experience.

Due to the fact that the balance shifts slightly at faster speeds, responsive turns are better perceived, thus freeing anyone who feels limited on larger boards.

Freerace 900 (paired with Stabilizer 300)

The unmatched option for all professional surfers looking for new adventures. With exceptional speeds, unmatched maneuverability and outstanding perfomance, this wing set makes all hearts beat faster.

At speeds of up to 50 km/h, only the intrepid will experience a moment of happiness while beginners may find it difficult to keep their balance. However, the Wing Set delivers a maximum of precision and agility, taking the fun to the next level.

Freecarve 1250 (paired with Stabilizer 270)

A medium-sized wing that promotes early take-off and, in conjunction with the 270 stabilizer, offers a lot of stability when riding.

Perfect for beginners and intermediates who want to practice even more agile maneuvers.

Freecarve 1000 (paired with Stabilizer 270)

A wing with a small to medium aspect ratio that offers an extra agile riding experience and still ensures good balance in conjunction with the 270 stabilizer.

Perfect for advanced riders who want to tickle out the last bit of aerodynamics.

AUDI e-tron Wings Set - DETAILS

EASYRIDE 1750 – Stabilizer 500 1750 & 500 cm² Beginner Speed: 5 / 10
Carve: 5 / 10
Stability: 9 / 10
Fly & Glide: 9 / 10
Skill Level: 2 / 10
FREERIDE 1350 – Stabilizer 400 1350 & 400 cm² Beginner / Advanced Speed: 6 / 10
Carve: 6 / 10
Stability: 7 / 10
Fly & Glide: 9 / 10
Skill Level: 4 / 10
FREERIDE 1100 – Stabilizer 380 1100 & 380 cm² Advanced / Expert Speed: 7 / 10
Carve: 7 / 10
Stability: 6 / 10
Fly & Glide: 8 / 10
Skill Level: 7 / 10
FREERACE 900 – Stabilizer 300 900 & 300 cm² Professional Speed: 8 / 10
Carve: 8 / 10
Stability: 5 / 10
Fly & Glide: 7 / 10
Skill Level: 8 / 10
FREECARVE 1250 – Stabilizer 270 1250 & 270 cm² Expert / Professional Speed: 6 / 10
Carve: 8 / 10
Stability: 7 / 10
Fly & Glide: 8 / 10
Skill Level: 5 / 10
FREECARVE 1000 – Stabilizer 270 1000 & 270 cm² Professional Speed: 7 / 10
Carve: 9 / 10
Stability: 7 / 10
Fly & Glide: 8 / 10
Skill Level: 7 / 10


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