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The service portfolio includes professional sea toy services such as rental, sales and service of all trendy, mostly electric, water sports equipment. With our “E-Foil Academy” we teach water sports enthusiasts how to fly above water with “E-Foil surfboards” or many other fun water toys.

The Wave Lovers event agency is your best choice when it comes to professional event planning: We love organising great yacht events! From the right choice of yachts to additional water sports activities, to great food and more.

Experience a unique celebration at sea – we take care of all the details.

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Couple Flight

450,00 incl. VAT

Aerofoils Audi e-tron 2 e-Foils
Audi e-tron foil by Aerofoils

15.555,00 incl. VAT

waydoo flyer one
Waydoo Flyer ONE

7.000,00 incl. VAT

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Matthias W.

Kitesurfing Professional


“Every editing option is extremely well-thought to make it easy for you to find and work with.”

water, woman, nature
Maria L.

Sales Executive Manager


The best birthday party of my life!!! I had so much fun with my friends and family, thank you so much! Captain, Drinks, Catering, a lot of crazy watertoys and everything well organised! Electric Surfing became my new favourite sport activity 🙂

Johannes B.

CEO Electrical Automotive Infrastructure


Much easier and more comfortable than expected these funny electric surfboards. Also great for longer boat day trips – changing batteries is always a good option when there is no electricity nearby. Thanks for the awesome yachting weekend in Mallorca. After a little practice, e-surfing (or rather “flying”) is so much FUN!!!!

Michael N.

Strategic Purchasing Manager


I’ve participated in “Yacht Week” a few times before at different places in Europe and it was always pretty fun. But this Bachelor Yacht Party was just insanely awesome. Thank you so much for the unforgettable pictures that even drove me to the hard times of the covid with the smile on my face. 🙂

Hannah review Boat Party by Wave-Lovers
Hannah H.

Logistic Manager Automotive


The Watertoy Day Adventure in Mallorca was so cool. We went out with a Waydoo efoil surfboard, an aqua scooter and an electric Radinn jetboard… This was the best boat daytrip I`ve ever had…Fu**ing Great Time!!!

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