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Waydoo Flyer EVO Master Plus


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Crafted with elegant carbon fiber, the Waydoo Flyer EVO Master Plus not only exude a premium design but also prioritizes performance and durability.

Waydoo Flyer Master Plus - INFORMATION

The arrival of the highly anticipated new Waydoo boards is generating quite a buzz among e-foil enthusiasts. These boards come packed with exciting advancements, such as enhanced performance capabilities, effortless transport facilitated by the innovative plug & play wheels, and a wide array of customization options. With unmatched power, a sleek and futuristic design, and Waydoo's commitment to competitive pricing, this new series is a dream come true for anyone passionate about e-foiling.

Crafted with elegant carbon fiber, these boards not only exude a premium design but also prioritize performance and durability. For those seeking support, the Master Plus version is equipped with internal sensors that integrate seamlessly with the Waydoo Flight Management System, providing users with enhanced control during their e-foil adventures.

Propulsion - evolution meets diversity

The Waydoo Flyer Master Plus offers riders a choice of three powerful propulsion options: two robust 6KW Units and a reliable 4KW Standard Unit. The Performance Unit is ideal for riders weighing up to 170 kg and can reach speeds of up to 45 km/h. Similarly, the Elite Unit, crafted through precision CNC processing, boasts enhanced production quality. For those weighing up to 130 kg, the smaller Standard Unit delivers comparable speeds.

One standout feature of these propulsion systems is their innovative modular design, a groundbreaking advancement in the industry. This design enables easy detachment from the mast, enhancing adaptability, portability, and safety while reducing maintenance costs. The drive unit of the Flyer embodies a revolutionary concept that seamlessly combines performance, versatility, and user-friendly maintenance procedures.

Battery - agility versus endurance

The Powerflight battery provided with the product is available in two variants: a 36Ah option that focuses on reducing weight for improved agility and a larger 45Ah version for extended rides. Both batteries are housed in a durable aluminum alloy casing, ensuring their ability to withstand heavy usage. The 36Ah battery is designed to prioritize weight reduction, making the board more agile and responsive.

On the other hand, the 45Ah battery is ideal for longer journeys, offering an impressive ride time of up to 135 minutes. Both batteries feature a user-friendly LCD display that provides clear status indications and have an impressive IP68 waterproof rating. The light signal transmission simplifies the connection process, while leak detection alerts, efficient thermal management, and dynamic charge adjustment work together to ensure safety, durability, and an optimal user experience.

Mast - 3 available sizes

The Waydoo Flyer takes things to the next level by offering three different mast lengths: a 69cm and 89cm option made from durable aluminum alloy, as well as a 79cm version crafted from high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber. The shorter masts prioritize control and stability, perfect for beginners or those looking for a more relaxed ride.

The longer mast models are designed for experienced riders looking to tackle rough waves and enhance maneuverability. What sets the Waydoo Flyer apart is its innovative modular design, which allows for easy removal of the mast from the drive unit. This unique feature not only makes the board more portable but also simplifies maintenance. Additionally, the top of the mast is equipped with an integrated, programmable LED light that adds a stylish touch, especially when riding at night. This feature adds a fun and exciting element to your riding experience and ensures you stand out on the water.

Attention: If you want to use the drive unit with the Waydoo outboard motor adapter, we recommend selecting a longer mast!

Upgradable Features - unlimited possibilities

Whether it's attachable transport wheels, outboard motor mounts for your inflatable boat or even a 1500W power inverter for all your devices. Waydoo has many interesting options to offer you the best possible experience.

Convert your e-foil into a propulsion system and use it whenever you are near the sea. Defy any situation and have a lot of fun even in rough weather. With the upgrade options, there are no limits.

Wing Options - choose your equipment

The available wings are the most important selection criterion in terms of handling characteristics. While large and wide models provide better control and are suitable for beginners and learners, the smaller models are more maneuverable and more demanding.

If you are undecided, we recommend the Voyager G1500 / C1500. As an all-rounder, it offers maximum control with good maneuverability.


Waydoo Flyer EVO PRO / PRO Plus - DETAILS

Model EVO PRO / PRO Plus* EVO MAX / MAX Plus* EVO Master Plus
Volume 90 l 130 l 75 l
Material EPP EPP Carbon
Color Cerulean Blue Surging Grey Dawn / Onyx Black
Size 154 x 67 x 15cm 177 x 75 x 16cm 144 x 62 x 15cm
Sensors X / X /
GPS X / X /

*The Plus Models (EVO Master Plus, EVO PRO Plus & EVO MAX Plus) contain additional sensors that provide balancing / takeoff assist, geo-fencing and wipe-out protection.


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