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Company Background

How were the iMatJet® E-Sofa created?

In the field of water sports and leisure activities, iMatJet® has established itself as a leading innovator of inflatable water products. The German company has built a reputation for producing high quality, user-friendly products that impress across the board.

At the heart of iMatJet's® success is a commitment to quality and innovation. The company carefully selects the best performing materials to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, ensuring durability and long-lasting enjoyment. The commitment to innovation extends to product development, with new concepts and features constantly being introduced to meet the changing needs of customers. Their first product revolutionizes the floating chairs for water category by creating a small inflatable sofa that can be compared to inflatable water platforms, inflatable pools or inflatable paddle boards materialwise.

The parent company of iMatJet®, imtech GmbH & Co. KG, is an established engineering and manufacturing company with a successful history dating back to 1999. Based in Bad Dürrheim (Germany), the company is a leader in the development and production of high-quality turned and milled parts.

iMatJet® is securing its place at the forefront of the industry and shaping the future of water sports with innovative and high-quality products. With its commitment, the company will remain a pioneer in the field of inflatable water sports equipment in the future.


What makes the iMatJet® stand out?


iMatJet® is committed to making their inflatable water products affordable and accessible to a wide range of customers. Their prices are competitive, and they offer a variety of B2B opportunities in the inflatable water industry. The motorized inflatables can help businesses to provide their customers with a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, and they can also help increase revenue and profits. Starting at only 2541.00€ for the standard model, the inflatable water sofas offer an unseen price-performance ratio. The iMatJet® Sofa PRO costs around 3617.90€ and helps you improve your rental offer even further by providing additional battery sets for nonstop enjoyment. iMatJet® is a leading provider of inflatable water products that are cost-efficient, innovative, and durable. Their range of products suits different needs and budgets, and they are committed to providing customers with an exceptional experience. Whether you are a recreational boater, a hotel or marina owner, or a corporate event planner, iMatJet® has the inflatable water products and solutions you need.


iMatJet's® inflatable water products are characterized by innovation and cutting-edge features, transforming the way people experience water recreation. The electric floating chairs offer unparalleled comfort and convenience. Powered by an electric motor, these chairs allow users to effortlessly glide across the water, enjoying the serenity of the aquatic world while remaining relaxed and refreshed. For those seeking an exhilarating and eco-friendly paddling experience, iMatJet’s® could even be used as electric motors for inflatable paddleboards. The electric sofa elevates lounging on the water to a whole new level. The product provides a floating haven of relaxation, allowing users to bask in the sun, soak up the ambiance, or simply enjoy a leisurely moment of tranquility. The sofa transport could not be much easier since the inflatable yacht toy is available in two separate options – a large trolley or a backpack & smaller trolley. The inflatable boat toys add an element of fun and excitement to any adventure. For those wanting to try them out before buying - our charming team offers inflatable toys for rent or welcomes you with a Try&Buy voucher, which includes delivery to any destination near Mallorca and its surroundings. Our rental selection includes a variety of inflatable toys, perfect for adding a touch of fun and excitement to any boating or water recreation activity.


iMatJet® is committed to producing durable inflatable water products that can withstand the rigors of everyday use. They are resistant to punctures, tears, and UV rays and can be used in a variety of conditions, including calm waters or choppy waves. That makes them perfect for any lake, pool, or ocean use. iMatJet's® inflatable water vessels are also designed to be easy to inflate and deflate. This is important because it ensures that your yacht toy is always ready for use and also helps to prolong its life by reducing wear and tear on the material. The inflatable sofa chair makes a comfortable and durable option for any wave-loving individual and opens up a whole range of possibilities. The Wave Sofa is not only a unique invention but was built to last you many years, ultimately providing you with years of guaranteed enjoyment.

Product Comparison

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What should you consider before buying the iMatJet® water sofa?

iMatJet®, a game-changer in the inflatable water product industry, offers a wealth of innovative and durable products that cater to a wide range of needs and budgets. Their unique offering makes them a must-have among all water enthusiasts, yacht owners, and everyone else in our wave-loving community. While iMatJet’s® commitment to innovation and durability is commendable, we believe that expanding their color options could further enhance the personalization experience. Surely, this is complaining at a high level, knowing their products shine at all levels with impressive features and the competitive pricing involved. Do not miss out on the newest gadgets and transform water relaxation into an effortless and luxurious experience. And for those seeking more of a thrill, our extensive range of inflatable yacht toys, like e-foils, e-jets and more, provide hours of excitement and make up for the perfect variety next to the laid-back experiences the iMatJet® clearly provides. In conclusion, the company can hardly do better and is a definite leader in the watersport's industry.


"The latest craze on the market and a clear buy recommendation from us.

Try it out now and make yourself comfortable!"

- Raúl Villalba, CEO

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions about iMatJet's® products

What is an iMatJet®?

The iMatJet® is an electrically powered water sofa designed for pleasure, relaxation and fun. The innovative product is thought down to the last detail and provides you with a great range of functionality. For example, you can use it to ferry guests from your boat or to explore the beach and coastal area in style. Super casual.

Is it complicated to set up the iMatJet®?

No, the iMatJet® can be set up in less than 10 minutes. Simply unpack it, connect the supplied pump and wait. Once the batteries have been inserted, the device is ready for use. Super convenient.

How fast is the iMatJet®?

The iMatJet® is not designed for action-packed adventures, but outperforms almost any swimmer. With a top speed of around 5-6 km/h and a running time of at least 1.5 hours at a stretch, you can even reach more distant destinations in a relaxed manner.

What are the specifications of the batteries used by iMatJet®?

The 12V batteries have a capacity of 20Ah and therefore provide a runtime of at least 1.5 hours. As you do not usually use the device continuously, you will soon realize that 3-4 hours are also quite possible. And to avoid the shade only, a whole day on the water should not be a problem.

What material is used for the iMatJet® hull?

The material used is extremely durable PVC, which puts even professional inflatable boats in the shade. Furthermore, the iMatJet® has a revolutionary 3-chamber system that makes the 1 mm thick underside in particular robust against external influences, while the weight is kept to a minimum. The upper chambers have a thickness of 0.6 mm and are therefore still sufficiently resistant for any use. Simply great.

How does the iMatJet® work?

The iMatJet® is controlled by a remote control that allows the user to steer it in any desired direction. The remote control is easy to use and intuitive, making it easy to operate. The safety-conscious design helps making it accessable to anyone and anywhere, whether on the beach, the lake or even in the pool.

Where are iMatJet's® approved?

Please be sure to observe the traffic regulations and environmental conditions of the region in which you are located! In principle, however, the iMatJet® can be used anywhere where they pose no danger to other people or the environment.

Do I need a driver's license for the iMatJet®?

No, it can be used without a driver's license. However, please find out about the applicable local regulations yourself.

What should be considered for the care and storage of the iMatJet®?

Do not use any harsh cleaning agents (e.g. acetone-based). Ideally, only use clean water for cleaning and, if possible, biodegradable cleaning agents. Furthermore, the scope of delivery includes 2 replacement seals, which should be replaced at least once a year (ideally at the beginning of the season). You can find additional instructions in the user manual. Thank you!

How can I make changes to the iMatJet® controller?

All functions relating to the driving behavior of your iMatJet® can be found in the corresponding instructions for the controller. For example, it is possible to change the control stick assignment, an automatic forward mode or a sport mode in which the reaction time for the motors is shortened. Further information can be obtained from the manufacturer.

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