Electric hydrofoil surfboards or e-Foil surfboards are the latest sensation on the water. Ride on seas, lakes or rivers and experience the feeling of flying above the water even whithout wind or waves. You can ride at any time and anywhere. Pure fun, quiet and emission-free.

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E-Foiling - The Future of Water Sports

EFoiling is often referred to as the "future of water sports". The unique propulsion system can reach speeds of up to 20-28 mph, depending on the type of eFoil you buy. The electric motor can usually run for up to an hour or more, but this depends on the size of the rider and the speed set. The water sport eFoiling is becoming increasingly popular around the world and is a unique substitute for other water sports. Unlike jet skis, eFoils are quiet, emission-free and environmentally friendly.

Electric hydrofoil surfboards are very efficient as the hydrofoil lifts the board out of the water, reducing friction to the water and energy consumption. Unlike surfing, eFoiling is not completely dependent on weather conditions. With eFoiling, you can have fun on the water more often, move at higher speeds and enjoy a unique feeling described as a mixture of floating and flying over the water.

Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard e-Foils Comparison 2024

The following table compares all flagship models from any manufacturer that we offer in our shop. - LAST UPDATED: 6/10/2023

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Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard e-Foil Video - Tests and Comparison 2024


What is eFoiling?

An eFoil is a surfboard with an electric motor that flies due to a hydrofoil wing. The eFoil motor is almost silent and is powered by a rechargeable battery. This battery can be recharged very easily and quickly. You can ride anytime and anywhere, e.g. on oceans, rivers or lakes, to experience the sensation of flying over water. Once you have tried this water toy you will get addicted to it.

How does an eFoil work?

The eFoil is a mix of several water sports such as surfing, kite surfing, kite foiling, wakeboarding and windsurfing. The eFoil has an advanced lithium-ion battery that powers a very quiet electric motor. It is controlled via a wireless handheld remote control that synchronises with the eFoil via Bluetooth. This allows you to ride for over an hour at 35 km/h on a two-hour charge, depending on the model you choose. Because the eFoil is a 100% electric water toy, it emits no emissions to the environment and requires very little maintenance.

How much does an eFoil cost?

Complete eFoil sets vary in price between 7.000€ and 20.000€. It is the same situation as for regular surfing. The price of the surfboard is based on the quality, technology, service, brand and many other factors.

Which manufacturer produces the cheapest e-foil models?

With the SiFly Rider, the company SiFly makes it to the top. Closely followed by Waydoo and Easyfoil, they offer a hydrofoil that is around the 7.000€ mark. However, less sophisticated performance and sometimes less extensive equipment are to be expected in return.

Which is the fastest e-foil?

The Peakfoil 4C currently holds the record of 62 km/h. However, this also has its price. For under 10.000€ you get slightly less powerful boards, like the WaveShark Foil 2 Sport (up to 50 km/h). In addition, the Hydroflyer Cruiser E-Foil plays in the front ranks with up to 55 km/h, but is also in the same price range as the Peakfoil.

Which e-foil has the longest range?

The SCUBAJET All-in-One hybrid board can accommodate two batteries, each with a capacity of 1.7 kWh. Thus, with 3.4 kWh, they create an incredible runtime of up to 3 hours non-stop. Compared to the much cheaper WaveShark Foil 2 Explorer (2.6 kWh), which is also said to run up to 3 hours, the SCUBAJET’s additionally installed drive for e-jet operation is probably not the most efficient solution. The Jetboard 2 Explorer from WaveShark contains an even larger battery, which is the non-plus ultra with 4.5kWh. However, since it is not an e-foil, SCUBAJET retains its place at the top here.

Which e-foils offer the best driving experience?

Of course, everyone can have different preferences so the definite answer is hard to tell. Our decision goes to the Audi E-Tron Foil by Aerofoils because the board is nice, light, and maneuverable. If you want to do a particularly large amount of testing to calibrate your personal riding experience, you should stop by Flite. They offer an incredible amount of customization via wing sets and propellers that hardly any other company can match. Only Lift Foils would be worth mentioning here, which provides a similarly large selection.

Which manufacturer sells the lightest E-Foil?

Since correct information on this is sometimes difficult to find, the following order serves only as an overview and may contain mistakes. With around 31 kg, the SiFly S secures a place in the upper range that even undercuts higher-priced devices like the Audi E-Tron Foil with around 32 kg. Inflatable E-Foils like the SiFly Lite (31kg), Easyfoil Two (27kg) or the Flieboard Air (26kg) are also designed to weigh less. Compared to the Fliteboard Ultra L this almost sounds ridiculous, weighing only around 22kg with the Nano Battery. However, this configuration provides a runtime of 45 minutes at most.

Which e-foil manufacturer offers the best price-performance ratio?

Here, too, opinions differ. If you are looking for a powerful drive, you will probably be happy with the WaveShark Foil 2 Sport, which also offers a long range and good workmanship. Somewhat cheaper are the E-Foils from Waydoo, which still have a lot of potential in terms of performance, but do not leave the same overall impression.

What e-foil brands are available at all?

The list is long and not all manufacturers belong to our assortment, as we only refer to the renowned producers. But we are happy to give you an overview of all e-foil brands known to us: Albatross, Audi Aerofoils, AWAKE, CabraTec, deLagLisse, Easyfoil, eSurfCo, EWave, Flite, Foil Inc, Hoverstar, HydroFlyer, Lift Foils, MSLR ELECTRIC, Peakfoil, Pwrfoil, SCUBAJET, Sea-Doo, SiFly, Takuma, WaveShark & Waydoo (if other foil-watercrafts count: Candela, Foiler, Manta5 & Quadrofoil). If we have forgotten something, please let us know via our contact form!

Can everyone ride eFoils?

The e-Foil electric hydrofoil surfboard is not an extremely difficult sport, and even the youngest beginners will find that eFoils are easy to use. Nevertheless riding an Electric Hydrofoil Surfboard or eFoil surfing is not recommended for everyone. In general, experts recommend that this type of water sport is suitable for people over 16 years old. Most eFoil boards are suitable for riders up to 100 kg. Heavier surfers should bear in mind that they will have a slower speed and a shorter battery life. In general, a personal consultation is advisable. Many criteria need to be considered when choosing a product. The choice of the foil wing, the so-called "wing", the mast length, the charger, etc.. In this way, the riding characteristics, for example, can be adapted very nicely to the personal learning stage.

Is Efoiling dangerous?

During the learning process you will often fall off the board, however most eFoil models are designed to automatically shut down when the controller trigger is released or the controller touches the water. On the other hand, we strongly recommend being careful on beaches where people are swimming or boats are nearby and always keep a certain distance to avoid any problems.

Do e-Foils require maintenance?

Electric Hydrofoil Surfboards are designed to resist corrosion and other damage caused by water. It is a small basic maintenance that can be thoroughly cleaned with fresh water after each use. After that, you should keep your eFoil in a shady, dry place until your next session and always keep it in your bag and, of course, check that there is no damage before your next ride.

Is Efoiling similar to snowboarding or surfing?

Efoiling is a very different sport to surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and other board sports. However, keeping your balance and turning the board requires similar skills. Experience in other board water sports will help you master eFoiling faster, but no experience is needed to get started.

Where can I ride an eFoil surfboard?

An e-Foil surfboard can be used on any body of water, from lakes to rivers to the sea. You don't need waves to propel the eFoil, as the electric motor does the propelling for you. With