Waydoo Board Only EPP Edition


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Replacement board for the Waydoo Flyer One plus E-Foil. This revised version is 3.6kg lighter and up to 60% more durable.

Waydoo Board Only EPP Edition - INFORMATION

The battery is pushed into the board from above and attached to the side with two screws. From the other side, the mast is inserted into the opening in the board from below and screwed to the surfboard. With this simple "plug and play" concept, no cable connections are necessary. The surfboard is easy to stow away due to its small dimensions. Even if you want to store it without the corresponding bag, it has several advantages. For example, a sensitive floor will not be scratched by the soft material of the surfboard. If you should fall onto the board, you won't injure yourself. When used at sea, the board soaks up a little water. After use, you should therefore allow it to dry before storing it.

Waydoo Board Only EPP Edition - DETAILS

  • Material: Expanded polypropylene¬†(EPP)¬†foam reinforced with an aluminum alloy frame
  • Volume: 110L
  • Weight: 9.8KG (27.8LBS)
  • Size: 1671 cm x 73 cm x 16 cm (65.8" x 28.7" x 6.3")


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