EASYFOIL TWO Inflatable E-Foil


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Cost-effective and easy to transport. The next reliable vehicle you will fall in love to. Designed by german engineers.


The founders of the company started in 2017 in Stuttgart, Germany. The goal was to produce a cost-effective e-foil that does not exceed the goal of 15,000€. This resulted in the EASYFOIL ONE, which was the entry point for the company bw electronics. However, they do not only focus on the e-foil market, but also offer their first-class products to a wider range of applications in the field of watercraft.

The latest masterpiece of German engineering focuses on mobility & efficiency. For this, the 27kg inflatable board was designed to be effortlessly transported in a space-saving way. In addition, a new motor controller was installed, which is directly integrated into the mast, leaves room for two batteries and offers run times of up to an incredible 3 hours in total.

Riding & Style Options

The inflatable board (MSI Fusion Structure) is optimally designed for transport and is correspondingly light at 4kg. It is similar to a standup paddle and available in 3 versions: Standard, BIG & Carbon Limited Edition.

The smaller models (standard & carbon) are measured at about 160 x 65 x 12cm and suit the driving styles of advanced riders, who want to experience fast responsive maneuvers whilst the bigger version (200 x 80 x 12cm) is especially designed for beginners and learners.

The complete set contains everything you need to get started. Included in the package is an air pump and a repair kit.

Longlife Battery

The EASYFOIL TWO allows you to connect up to two batteries for a total of up to 3 hours runtime. The included Fast Charger needs only 2.5 hours to recharge one battery. Additionally, the company offers  an even stronger charger that reduces the charging time to one hour per battery. The replacement can be done in a few steps and within a very short time.

The battery packs mainly use the highest quality cells from the manufacturer Samsung, which provide a particularly long service life.

The driving time of the battery depends on the weight of the driver, the selected front wing and the driven speed.

Efficient ESC Motor Controller

For the powerful propulsion, the motor requires contact with the control unit, which is manufactured in Bonn as a product of leading German engineering. Here, new standards in efficiency and reliability have been achieved. The space-saving and maintenance-friendly design makes the hearts of every mechanic beat faster and, thanks to its sophisticated technology, ensures many years of carefree enjoyment.

The so-called ESC supplies the motor with the required voltage and is also responsible for regulating the given power. It is installed directly in the mast, which enables the simultaneous use of two batteries.

Waterproof Housing with Carbon Lid

At the heart of the inflatable board is a waterproof box, where all technology like batteries and propulsion is stored safely. The box is made of CFRP and GRP and only weighs about 6.5 kg.

The newly designed carbon lid is now equipped with 4 aluminum quick-release fasteners, which provide longer durability and avoid tedious screwing for battery replacement. The surface is coated with an anti-slip structrue to get you the most out of every experience. Thought down to the last detail, the cost-effective e-foil provides you with nothing but the best design solutions.

Powerful Equipment with coordinated Accessories

The E-Foil can be customized according to your wishes and reaches, depending on the mounted wing or propeller more than 40 km/h. There are 4 different options available, which allow different riding styles.

The propeller is available as a 5.5" version for better acceleration, also 6" as an allround option and with a size of 7" for a higher top speed. Also, there is a folding propeller for those who like to surf a wave. The 6" version will be included in shipping.

The carbon made wings are available in 3 options from 1150cm² over 1600cm² to 2000cm² in size, where smaller models provide more agile rides but less balance.


Size: 160 x 65 x 12cm (Standard/Carbon) / 200 x 80 x 12cm (BIG)
Packed Size: approx. 88 x 44 x 42cm
Maximum power: 3.600 W
Top speed: approx. 40 km/h
Runtime / Range: 90min / 22km (with one battery)
Weight: approx. 27 kg
Rated load: 90kg (Standard/Carbon) / 110 kg (BIG)


- simultaneous use of two batteries for up to 180min runtime (44km)
- newest efficient motor control unit (ESC)
- quick-release fasteners with improved durability
- spare part compatibility with other models of the EASYFOIL
- customizible equipment to fit everyone's needs


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