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SiFly R E-Foil


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Medium sized hardtop e-foil board that most people love. It's great for learning but very manoeuvrable and light.


SiFly has decided to make e-foiling accessible to a wide group of users. The company is dedicated to the precise design of every element of its e-foils, focusing on safety, durability and user-friendliness. The main goal is to ensure that the captivating world of e-foiling can be enjoyed by a diverse group of people, regardless of their prior surfing or water experience. SiFly is committed to making e-foiling an exciting experience especially for you.
The SiFly R presents itself as a mid-sized and versatile board that is ideal for those looking for a balanced e-foil. Whether you're just starting out or already experienced, this board has everything you need to have fun and develop your skills.

With its fast glide and uncomplicated stand-up, the SiFly R gives less experienced riders the confidence they need to get into the action quickly. This board is stable and predictable, providing a smooth and comfortable ride in all conditions.

The SiFly R's volume has been carefully calibrated to make the board nimble. This allows riders to master tight turns, reach higher speeds and improve their e-foil skills. The SiFly R promises a sense of freedom unmatched by any other board. Conquer the waves and enjoy an unparalleled riding experience.


  • Remote Controller
  • RC Wireless Charger
  • PowerCell LR
  • Smart Charger
  • your choice of wings & mast lenght

E-Foiling For Anyone

SiFly focuses on competitive pricing for its Efoil models, helping to make the sport more accessible to a wide audience. But accessibility at SiFly goes beyond the financial aspect - it also refers to a smooth and enjoyable experience for riders of all skill levels. The boards are extremely user-friendly and make learning much easier.

Durable Design

SiFly E-Foils easily handle even the most challenging stresses. Where other manufacturers have already capitulated, this company impressively demonstrates how it's done right. These boards stand out for their affordable prices and remarkable durability, which is rare in the industry. Thanks to their shock-absorbing, closed-cell foam decks, these models not only offer impressive stability to withstand even the most extreme demands, but also exceptional safety features and forgiveness that are highly appreciated by their users.

Indivualization At Its Best

SiFly's Adventure series covers the entire range, from the roomiest and most balanced board on the market to extremely compact and maneuverable eFoils. Every rider will find their perfect board here. The wide range of vibrant color options ensures that these eFoils will be in the spotlight and draw admiring glances on every stretch of coastline and beach.




  • Cruiser 1300 + CR300 - faster, more versatile combination (for advanced riders)
  • Cruiser 1900 + CR340 - maximum stability & lower speeds (ideal for learning)


Mast Lenghts

  • 55cm - closer to the water, more stability & control (great for beginners)
  • 75cm - better for rougher seas, more agile & maneuvrable (great for experienced surfers)


SiFly R E-Foil - DETAILS

Adventure Series
SiFly S SiFly R SiFly E
Speed up to
40 km/h
up to
40 km/h
up to
40 km/h
Runtime up to
2 hrs
up to
2 hrs
up to
2 hrs
2,5 hrs
2,5 hrs
2,5 hrs
Weight approx.
35 kg
36 kg
37 kg
Volume 98 L 120 L 170 L
Capacity up to
100 kg
up to
140 kg
up to
160 kg


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