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Wave Lovers - Port Calanova - Palma De Mallorca

In the most beautiful bays of Mallorca, not far from the capital Palma, you will find our headquarters. Here you can get to know the whole world of water sports and take it into your heart. Experienced e-surf instructors will be happy to teach you the basics of e-foiling or you can simply choose from our extensive range of services. This includes not only rentals and sales, but also our famous event planning or arranging yacht charters and boat tours.

So come by and try out our modern water sports equipment like e-foils, jetboards and much more! With them you will glide over the water in the most carefree and elegant way. And the best thing about it: Even absolute beginners will make it after a few tries.

Available Products And Services

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With our e-foils you'll discover pure freedom. Fast, quiet and worry-free. For those who try it the first time, we recommend to book one of our academy sessions.

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The e-jet moves directly on the water’s surface. It works great for waves and thrilling experiences. If you want to ride longer distances on calm areas check out our e-foils.

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Discovering the beauty of the underwater world has never been so easy. With our powerful devices you dive effortlessly above and under water with an outstanding acceleration.

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The smaller underwater scooters are not specifically designed for children but they are less intense and work well exploring the precious underwater world without any hassle.

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Rent the world’s first electric powered water sofa. Designed for pleasure, relaxation and fun. The iMatJet® offers you the most comfortable ride you have ever had.

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Experience a wonderful day on the water and do sport at the same time. The water bike offers good balance and is very easy to steer. Every cycling enthusiast will feel right at home.

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Do you prefer travelling at a leisurely pace and want to admire nature? Then opt for the electric scooter. The extra-large board ensures the right balance and is easy to navigate, even for beginners.

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Experienced e-foil instructors will teach you the basics of e-foiling. The boards are equipped with a wing that lets you take off from the water at a certain speed. Visit the E-Foil Academy Mallorca.

Local Rental Options at Port Calanova

Rental Prices Port Calanova

Choose your favorite electric water sports equipment and come by today!

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Subscription Prices Port Calanova

Frequent Watersports User or Mallorca Resident? - Choose your plan! Our offers includes usage based or time based subscriptions. Whatever you think is best for your purpose

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10% Summer Ending Special

With our new subscriptions you will surely enjoy the last months of summer.

Subscription participants can save another 10% on the prices above. Valid only for bookings until 31.10.2023!

All prices are valid in Port Calanova only. All prices incl. 21% VAT. E-Foil Rental requires at least one E-Foil Academy Flight upfront. All time based subscriptions include a free E-Foil Academy course. Subscription offers can be redeemed on different days with very flexible advance arrangement. They are valid for 12 months from the date of issue. If you have any further questions or would like to book for another day, use our contact form below or get in touch by phone, whatsapp or email.

Booking & Reservation

Disclaimer - Please read the following terms & conditions carefully!

1) Risk Awareness & Responsibility

Outdoor and water sports events inevitably involve certain risks. The participant declares that he/she is aware of the risks and dangers associated with water sports. An explicit instruction and declaration by the host are expressly not required for this.

The paticipant declares that he/she uses the water sports equipment provided by WAVE-LOVERS exclusively at his/her own risk. Protective equipment such as helmet or impact protection waistcoat is recommended and offered by the host.

The user is obliged to treat the water sports equipment provided with care and to observe all regulations relevant to its use, in particular technical rules and traffic regulations.

2) Liability

The participant is liable in accordance with the general legal provisions for damage to the water sports equipment provided during the period of use. Furthermore, the participant is liable in accordance with the general legal provisions for damage to the water sports equipment provided and to third parties due to an accident for which the attandee is responsible.

The participant waives, to the extent permitted by law, all liability claims against WAVE-LOVERS and its partners due to personal injury and/or property damage, losses, lost profits, claims, costs and expenses, etc., which the attandee suffers or must assume during or in connection with the use of the water sports equipment provided.

Each participant is obliged to a responsible, prudent and realistic self-assessment. An explicit instruction on the part of the host is not required for this. Each participant assures that he/she knows the local and general maritime regulations.

The instructions of the staff are to be followed at all times. In particular, the participant shall bear the risks associated with the sport and the use of the equipment and sports devices exclusively himself/herself.

3) Health Requirements

Each participant assures that he/she is in good health and has the necessary physical prerequisites. In particular, the participant assures that he/she is free of heart and circulation problems, severe orthopaedic problems and diseases or other health impairments that do not permit physical activity or impair the ability to swim, and that he/she does not possess a pacemaker.

If third parties have to be called in to assist the participant (e.g. rescue services), the costs incurred are to be borne by the participant or WAVE-LOVERS has the right to collect the costs incurred from the participant.

4) Regulations For Minors

The minimum age for the use of the water sports equipment provided is not specified by the operator and is at the discretion of the parents. For underage participants, use requires the express consent of a legal guardian, or the legal guardian must be present during the entire time of use.

The legal representative assures that the underage participant has the necessary health and physical conditions.

The legal representative is fully liable for any damage to persons, to the facility and to the equipment caused by the misconduct of the underage participant.

5) Compensations For Damages Or Theft

The host disclaims any liability for damage to the water sports equipment, the participant or to the facility, equipment or objects of third parties (e.g. boats) or to third parties. WAVE-LOVERS accepts no liability for lost valuables, clothing and equipment.

The participant is fully liable for any damage to persons, the facility and equipment caused by his misconduct.

Should the customer accidentally or intentionally damage the equipment, he/she will be charged for the repair and/or the new price of a replacement unit by WAVE-LOVERS.

6) Condition Transferability

If the participant of this form is not the sole participant in the water sports event (for example, when booking a group course for 2 or more people), the participant bears full responsibility for all other participants unless they themselves have confirmed and/or signed this disclaimer.

Customers as organisers of group events must explicitly inform each participant about the disclaimer. In particular, the customer as organiser of the group event must ensure that its participants have the necessary health and physical preconditions and comply to all mentioned conditions.

7) Area Of Jurisdiction

This declaration and all disputes arising out of or in connection with it or the use of the water sports equipment provided by the undersigned shall be governed by German law to the exclusion of international conventions and conflict of law rules. The place of jurisdiction is Mallorca, Spain.

8) Usage Of Photo & Video Footage

The participant is aware that any collected media can be published through the website, social-media channel or other advertisement campaign issued by WAVE-LOVERS.

To ensure the privacy of individuals, footage will not be connected to personal identifying information without written approval from the photographed subject, parent or legal guardian.

Any person or organization not affiliated with WAVE-LOVERS may not use, copy, alter or modify photographs, graphics, videography or other, similar reproductions or recordings without the advance written permission of an authorized designee.

9) Newsletter Registration

The participant agrees to receive information about products, special offers, events and competitions from WAVE-LOVERS by telephone, email or mail.

The following personal data therefore are processed and stored by WAVE-LOVERS including first & last name, adress, telephone number and e-mail address.

The consenting party has the right to revoke the consent at any time with effect for the future without giving reasons. Upon receipt of the revocation, the data will be deleted immediately, provided that there are no legal retention periods and the revocation is effective. The effectiveness of the data processing carried out until the revocation of consent remains unaffected.

The revocation is to be sent to the following e-mail address: info(at)

Data processing is necessary for the purpose of event participation. The non-consent excludes the services by WAVE-LOVERS.

Additional Information And Services

Port Calanova welcomes you even in winter! This means you can use our services all year round. Whether wetsuit, hot showers or whatever you need, our team will be happy to help you. As the only location in Mallorca you can test our water sports equipment even in the cold season.

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Hot showers & wetsuits available

Warm beverages & delicious meals

Open all year as the only place to go in all of Mallorca

Pool area with snacks & drinks

More benefits:

  • parking spaces
  • dressing rooms

Visit us at Port Calanova HEADQUARTERS

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Share some love!

buy your loved ones a present

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The voucher is valid for the entire range - you decide the value!

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Teilen macht Spaß! Mache deinen Liebsten ein Geschenk.

Teilen macht Spaß!

Mache deinen Liebsten ein Geschenk.

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¡Compartir es divertido! Haz un regalo a tus seres queridos.

¡Compartir es divertido!

Haz un regalo a tus seres queridos.

Ya sea un curso de e-foil, el alquiler de un yate o un descuento para nuestras ofertas exclusivas de la tienda.

El vale de descuento es válido para toda la gama: ¡tú decides el valor!

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