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Fully equipped gear set for electrical support of your SUP, kayak or whilst diving and swimming. This portable all in one solution has everything you need!


You love all kinds of watersport activities? This all in one kit from SCUBAJET got everything to boost your adventures to the next level. Whether it's diving, kayaking or enjoying your SUP this product will make you fall in love! Exploring the seas was never made easier. But not only that. The kit can also transform any non motorized vessel into a powerful electrical supported solution which can reach a range of up to 20km dependent on size.

The powerful 1000W engine will keep you going for up to 2 hours with the included 200Wh (2x 100Wh) airline-compliant SMART BATTERIES™. With a top speed of 11 km/h (7 m/h) and rated depth of up to 60m (200ft) you will reach every desired destination with ease.

Dual Hand Controller

The included controller can be mounted to the engine to ensure gentle navigation through the water whilst diving or swimming. With one button on each side it's up to you which hand you like to use. The integrated display shows all the relevant information like depth, tremperature, battery life and more. With a total of 500g it's also light and portable. Designed to fit your needs.

Fin Box Adapter

The perfect adapter to combine your engine with any surfboard or water vessel. Only 500g in weight you won't face problems carrying it around. Conceptualized to fit your US or slide-in finbox but can also be mounted to any flat surface in no time.

Remote Controller

To make your life even easier the remote controller gives you the ability to manage your engine wireless. Simply connect it to the included bluetooth adapter and watch all status updates like speed, battery charge or runtime on the wearable display.

LED Light (not included)

The powerful BEAM™ LED nose brightens up your day with 1500 lumens and an angle of 120 degrees. Therefore, you wouldn't miss any experience to underwater darkness. The light can be included in any SCUBAJET kits sold by us to ensure your maximum satisfaction.


- 1000W motor unit with top speed of up to 11 km/h (7 m/h)
- rated depth of 60m (200 ft)
- 2x 100 Wh batteries with total runtime of up to 2 hours
- dual hand controller for easy navigation underwater
- fin box adapter as perfect mounting solution
- remote controller for wireless operation
- loads of extra equipment (detailed information in pictures)


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