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Light and portable solution for electrical support whilst diving and swimming. Extendable at any time to fit your needs!


This lighter version of SCUBAJET's kits includes a 500W engine that will make you swim or dive as fast as you would be in case you put your fins on. With a battery life of up to one hour you can keep your breath for the enjoyable moments. And if you decide on extending your kit later there is many options around. So make sure to check out the other options as well!

The powerful 500W engine and 100Wh airline-compliant SMART BATTERY™ could get you anywhere. The top speed is rated at about 6.5km/h (4 M/h) and can make you dive as deep as 60m (200ft) in total.

Dual Hand Controller

The included controller is easy to use and lets you choose between hands. Both sides include one button to operate which ensures gentle navigation even in stressful situations. The integrated display lets you monitor all device related information like depth, temperature, battery life and more. This light and portable solution will make your day!

LED Light (not included)

All our SCUBAJET Kits can be equipped with an additional LED to admire the dreamlike underwater world in its true beauty. The BEAM™ shines with 1500 lumens in a 120° angle and therefore provides brightness to even the darkest places around.


- 500W motor unit with top speed of up to 6.5 km/h (4 m/h)
- rated depth of 60m (200 ft)
- 1x 100 Wh battery with total runtime of up to 1 hour
- dual hand controller for easy navigation underwater
- loads of extra equipment (detailed information in pictures)


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