Mo-Jet Surf Bundle


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The classy introduction to the Mo-Jet surf experience. The Surf Bundle lets you glide smoothly over the water and ride the waves with style. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape, even tight turns are no problem.

Mo-Jet Surf Bundle - INFORMATION

Mo-Jet boards are truly unique. Their modular construction and the wonderfully well thought-out concept with the various first-class components create an unprecedented feeling of freedom and make the hearts of every water sports enthusiast beat faster! From speed gliding to diving - your Mo-Jet is always ready for action. The individual modules are easy to transport and can be assembled in under 1 minute. Thanks to the plug & play interchangeable battery technology, there are no more limits to your riding fun.

Surf the waves at up to 55 km/h or explore new worlds underwater. With a static thrust of approx. 100 kg, the Mo-Jet is the most powerful jetboard on the market.

Surf Bundle - Every wave-lovers dream

The classy introduction to the Mo-Jet surf experience. The bundle consists of the Mo-Jet drive module (incl. batteries, fin, remote control, emergency stop, allen wrench & user manual) and the Mo-Shape Surf (incl. retaining line). It lets you glide smoothly over the water and ride the waves with style. Thanks to the aerodynamic shape, even tight turns are no problem.

The speed is controlled electronically and steplessly using the throttle grip on the remote control. Turns are easily controlled by shifting your weight around the longitudinal axis.

Maximum power in the smallest possible dimensions

The 14 kW drive system gives the board its unparalleled boost and enables operators weighing up to 100 kg to reach speeds of up to 55 km/h. Outstanding!

The propulsion unit has been reduced to a size that not only saves space, but also shifts the weight to the rear of the board, giving it wonderful handling capabilities. Don't hesitate to test the latest innovations in the water sports industry and experience the highest level of German engineering!

Two batteries for uninterrupted riding fun

The innovative battery cooling concept allows the batteries to last up to 40 minutes. Thanks to the liquid cooling system, a complete set of batteries can be charged in just 45 minutes using two household sockets. Weighing just 8.5 kg each, the batteries are also easy to transport.

Easy operation thanks to the integrated remote control

The speed of the board is steplessly adjustable via the beautifully designed remote control. It can be integrated into the mounting bracket on the right handle, which makes controlling the board much easier. The remote control is waterproof in accordance with the IP67 standard and comes with an inductive charger that charges the included battery in no more than 2 hours. Amazing!

Mo-Jet Surf Bundle - DETAILS

Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 21cm (Mo-Jet) / 115 x 65 x 21cm (Surf Adapter)
Weight: 39.3 kg (Mo-Jet) / 13.4 kg (Surf Adapter)
Stand thrust: approx. 100 kg
Max speed: approx. 55 km/h
Battery life: up to 40 minutes
Battery system: Plug & Play exchangeable battery
Material: PE, torsion-resistant, shock- and puncture-proof

Mo-Jet Surf Bundle - HIGHLIGHTS

- modular concept with many upgrade options available
- sensational driving characteristics made in germany
- easy to transport and can be stored in a space-saving manner
- innovative battery technology with quick charge functionality
- powerful propulsion with up to 55 km/h top speed


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