SeaNXT Elite Underwater Scooter


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The world's first full carbon underwater scooter boasts an exceptional high-end look, outstanding performance and a weight of just 22 kg!

SeaNXT Elite Underwater Scooter - INFORMATION

The SeaNXT Elite combines luxury and performance down to the smallest detail and is the only underwater scooter on the market made entirely of carbon.

It incorporates a unique connection technology that allows the control handles to be integrated into the upper body.
The carbon fiber of T-3000 modulus offers not only a unique high-end finish, but also an extremely low weight of 22 kg, a high rigidity to avoid mechanical damage and a real French style that has been missing in this market for a long time.

The carbon is available in 4 different colors for a distinctive and unique finish.


After examining all the products on the market, the Sea NXT® engineering team identified a major flaw: the conversion of power to linear speed was low because the nose was pointing upwards during use. This was uncomfortable for the user and resulted in a significant loss of performance. With this information in mind, the developing team created an outstanding new design, that is second to none in terms of hydrodynamics, overall look and performance.

Simply great!


The SeaNXT team has introduced the first ever offline map navigation system that is visible on the home screen of the user interface.

When using your Elite scooter, you will always see your position on the map as well as the starting position where the unit has just been switched on, so you can never get lost.


The SeaNxt charger offers an adjustable output between 1 A and 15 A. Forget about optional fast chargers as additional accessories. Simply adjust the toggle lever and you will see the changed output current on the screen.

SeaNXT Elite Underwater Scooter - DETAILS

Material: Full Carbon
Motor: Dual motor 2.2kw x2
Battery type: Lithium (24Ah)
Battery weight: 8kg
Max. Thrust: 670N
Top Speed: 21 km/h (on Shark mode)
Diving Depth: 40m (can be adjusted incrementally)
Buoyancy: +3kg
Display: LCD HD 5,5" 13cm
Modes: 4 (Shark, Sport, Cruise, Eco)
Minimum Runtime: 37 min (20min on Shark mode + 17min on Eco mode )
Maximum Run time: 120min (on ECO mode)
Charging time: 96min
Lights: Full LED signature
Charger: Variable charger (slow, standard & fast charging)
Product size: 98x50x28 cm
Weight: 23kg
Global weight: 38kg

SeaNXT Elite Underwater Scooter - HIGHLIGHTS

- full carbon fiber body, giving it rigidity, toughness and grace while reducing the weight to an industry-leading 22 kg
- dual motor drive for optimal hydrodynamics and a top speed of over 21 km/h
- 24 Ah battery for over 2 hours of continuous operation (in ECO mode)
- GPS navigation with live map display on the screen
- adjustable charger from slow to fast to protect the battery
- fireproof packaging for the safety of the lithium battery


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