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Save money with our boat or travel packages. The powerful & extra light ALTIVS APX in the best price-performance ratio!


ALTIVS team has many years of experience in the field of water sports equipment. They are supported by the renowned manufacturer Sublue, which helped them set the production standards and thus deliver the best possible quality.

The ALTIVS APX underwater scooter is designed to meet the need for compact, lightweight dive scooters while accommodating strong performance. The closest comparable option weighs 27 kg, which is far too heavy for comfortable transportation. By using the latest production technology, ALTIVS was able to reduce the weight to 18 kg, which is almost 35% lighter than the competition. This makes the APX the clear winner in terms of performance and weight.

The ALTIVS APX is the ideal underwater scooter for divers of all classes. The user-friendly controls make it perfect for beginners, while the durable construction ensures it can be used for years to come.

If you are looking for an underwater scooter that will help you reach new heights while exploring the depths of the ocean, the ALTIVS APX is the perfect choice.

ALTIVS APX Bundle - Scope of Delivery - What's included?

The Travel Bundle is the perfect way to maximize your adventure with the Altivs APX. It includes everything you need to take the device on the road. Including a carrying case and a quick charger. The carrying case is made of durable materials and is designed to protect the ALTIVS APX from bumps and scratches. The quick charger lets you recharge your scooter quickly and easily, so you can be back on the water in no time. And the unit itself is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Perfect for adventurers who are always on the go. The Boat Pack is the perfect solution for storing the Altivs APX on your boat. It contains everything you need to store the device in an organized and space-saving way. Includes a wall mount and quick charger. The wall mount is made of quality materials and is designed to keep your ALTIVS APX securely in place. And that even in rough seas. The quick charger lets you charge your scooter quickly and easily, so you'll be back in the water in no time. And the unit itself is lightweight and easy to carry, so you can take it with you wherever you go. Ideal for boaters who want to explore the sea even under the water surface.
- Altivs APX Underwater Scooter with your choice or color: Sapphire Silver or Ruby Red
- Fast Charger (fully charged in 1.5h - ca. 70% in 30min)
- Carry Bag
- Altivs APX Underwater Scooter with your choice or color: Sapphire Silver or Ruby Red
- Fast Charger (fully charged in 1.5h - ca. 70% in 30min)
- Wall Mount

Unmatchable Performance

It's a challenge to maintain good performance while reducing weight. With incredible engineering, the inventors have created a water scooter that is second to none. It reaches a top speed of 16 km/h, making it one of the fastest underwater scooters on the market in its weight class. The long battery life of up to 1 hour ensures that you can rediscover the depths even over longer periods of time.
The ultra-efficient propulsion system, is achieved by using a shielded propeller. This does not waste any energy, which helps it to achieve the excellent characteristics. The high-quality materials used in the construction of the ALTIVS APX also ensure an exceptionally long service life.

Smart Controls

In addition to its unique weight, the ALTIVS APX also features an intelligent Android-based navigation system with integrated GPS. This allows you to track your progress on your cell phone and save specific routes for future use.

The 5.5-inch LCD display provides you with all relevant information, such as speed, battery level and compass direction. It is easy to use and complements the outstanding design of the underwater scooter.

Plug & Play Design

Although the scooter is designed for durability, it can also be easily repaired. All components are replaceable, which allows effortless maintenance. At the same time, the device was designed to look luxurious and meet all requirements. In fact, the scooter has a small, elegant design that stands out from the crowd.

And of course, the affordable price also makes a difference. The ALTIVS APX currently has the best value for money on the market!



TOP SPEED 16km/h
CHARGING 3h to full charge (1.5h with fast charger)


- lightest weight among all competing underwater scooters
- long-lasting battery life of up to 1 hour in total
- built-in intelligent GPS system and large 5.5-inch display with Android firmware
- optional mounting base (Boat Bundle) or travel bag (Travel Bundle)
- great performance & affordable price


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