ASAP Wave Jam 91 electric jetboard


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This is the lighter weight 91 battery option an less runtime (app. 30-40mins)

ASAP Wave Jam 91 electric jetboard

The Wave Jam 91 electric jetboard from ASAP Water Crafts gives you more than enough riding time to experience the pleasure of electric bodyboarding.

Wave Jam is designed for pure thrills in the water. The ultimate family jet board, hang-on as you blast through the water or tow inflatables. All you have to decide is whether to go for the large battery 156 with extended runtime, or lighter weight 91 battery option.


  • Electric! Forget about trips to the gas station, pollution or smelly fumes.
  • Powerful! Small yet mighty. Our boards are incredible at towing due to their impressive balance of torque and power.
  • Launch anywhere! Being lightweight means you can launch almost anywhere - easily carrying on your back to the water.
  • Premium battery! Using the latest battery cells, to give you the best run time. Efficient electronic design means your battery will stay healthy and last a long time.
  • Quiet! Enjoy the sound of the water and nature, not a loud engine.
  • Family friendly: Jump on, press the throttle and go. Intuitive to drive so no lesson needed, making it great for the whole family.
  • Zero maintenance! Spend more time on the water and less time fixing things. With just one moving part our electric propulsion is almost maintenance free. Just rinse with fresh water and relax.
  • Accessories! From transport cases, super fast chargers and wheels - we’ve got a range of accessories to help you make the most of your jet board.


  • Bodyboard
  • 9 A Standard Charger
  • Product warranty 12 months / option to extend on request


  • Weight: 20kgs
  • Top Speed: 16km/h*
  • Power: 5kW peak**
  • Runtime: 30-40mins***
  • Fast charge (0-100%): 60mins
  • Standard charge (0-100%): 4hrs
  • Dimensions: 145x60x28cm
  • Battery: 50V Lithium-ion, 0,73kWh, 15,6 Ah
  • Colours: Blue/Orange
  • Number of speeds: 3
  • Motor performance: 5kW/5000rpm
  • Hull/body: Dense moulded foam
  • Steering: Body weight leaning
  • Stopping: Water resistance
  • LED display: Speed selected & battery remaining

*Top speed and runtime depends on: riding position, weight of rider, speed selected & water conditions. **Peak power output.
***Time quoted is average runtime, using a selection of speeds & includes ‘get home mode’.


What are the main differences between Wave Jam & Rescue models?

Wave Jam models are designed for leisure/family use. Speeds are selected by pressing both throttles and pulsing the right lever to increase the speed, then left lever to decrease speed. Rescue models are designed for professional use, so can be driven with one hand. Press the left lever for speed 1, right lever for speed 2 and both together for speed 3. Other differences are the Rescue model comes with a Rescue float, tow line, and Rescue colours/graphics.

Do your wave jam jet boards come with a charger?

Yes, all our jet boards come with the standard charger. You can choose to upgrade this to the Super Fast charger.

Can I charge my wave jam jet board on my boat?

Our chargers require mains electricity (220-240V). Depending on your boat this can be achieved with an inverter, generator or power produced from the engine. For USA based customers we can also supply 110V-120V model chargers on request.

What should I keep in mind when maintaining and servicing my Wave Jam bodyboard?

As it is electrically powered, there is very little to maintain and look after. We recommend that you rinse your Jetboard with fresh water after each use. This will prolong the life of the parts. If you are storing your Jetboard for an extended period of time (e.g. over the winter), charge it to 40-50% and turn off the battery disconnect switch before storing it.
Heavier users (rental and professional) please contact us for specific advice for their use.



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