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The XT electric surfboard is designed for intensive use, e.g. in rental operations. Its robust construction allows for hours of operation in the toughest environments.


The YuJet SURFER XT electric surfboard is designed for intensive use, such as rental operations. Its rugged construction allows for hours and hours of operations in the harshest environments. But it doesn’t mean that performance is sacrificed! With a top speed of 41 km/h, the XT board will allow all users to enjoy the frills of high speed surfing. Begginers will appreciate the forgiveness of the board and learn to surf standing in minutes.

Yujet SURFER XT | Technical Specifications:

  • Speed: 42 km/h
  • Motor: 14 horse power
  • Total Weight: 43kg (battery included)
  • Battery Weight: 15 kg
  • Battery: 40min
  • Range: 26 km
  • Charging-Time: 100min
  • Material: High performance plastic fiber
  • Size: 2330 * 700 * 180 mm / 91.7 * 27.6 * 7 in
  • Color: Marble

Designed for Beginners

The YuJet Surfer XT is YuJets most accessible board. Designed for users that have never ridden a wave before, the XT will be your companion as your surfing level increases. With a high-power battery powering the modern jet engine, you will enjoy riding on calm waters or in the waves for long periods of time (typically 45 minutes to one hour depending on the weight of the surfer). The material used for its construction ensures durability and resistance to the harshest treatments while conserving its highly polished aspect.

The safest jetboard on the market

Your board is delivered with all the safety accessories that contribute to a safe and enjoyable ride. A leash ensures that you will not be separated from your board, even in big waves. A safety magnet will isolate the battery from the engine which means that the board will not run when you are in the water. With the jet engine powering your board, there are no propellers that could inflict injuries. The Surfer XT is the safest board on the market.

YuJets professional surf shapers have designed the board to make it accessible to absolute beginners of all ages. The inner volume and the shape confer inherent stability to the board, allowing the rider to stand on the board even when stopped in the water. The camber of the nose and the tail rocker have been shaped to facilitate the ride in short choppy waves and increase speed in calm waters while providing total lateral control.

Advanced users, searching for even more performance and speed will probably select the YuJet Surfer Carbon Edition. With additional design details integrated, removable FCSII surf fins, more rigidity, and lighter weight, the Surfer Carbon edition is the ideal board for those looking for the ultimate performance.



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