Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 6.2


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Huge floating luxury pool for relaxed days and peace of mind swimming in the sea. Even better when combined with other modules from YACHTBEACH.

Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 6.2 - INFORMATION

Build your own floating private space with these wonderful modules from YACHTBEACH! Perfect to enjoy the sun and the water at the same time.
This huge luxury pool will be the perfect addition to your next party where your guests can relax and swim protected from jellyfish or other unwanted sea creatures. The well-designed concept provides you with an enormous space and looks neat and tidy at all times. Just like any other teak-like platform out of YACHTSBEACH's product line. So make sure to check them out!

For your safety, the platform's surface is coated against slipping. The material made out of thick dropstitch PVC will work wonders against all kinds of influences. With the right pressure ensured through a relief valve and loads of connecting options, this beast of an inflatable can be handled easily. Therefore, you also get 26 sturdy handles and a total of 14 D-rings, which will allow fastening, mounting and carrying in any way you want.

The pool itself measures at about 466x310cm and provides a depth of up to 240cm. Enough space to fit the whole crew. So shout out to all of your friends or family, the next adventure is waiting for you guys!

Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 6.2 - DETAILS

Size: 620x410cm
Pool Size / Depth: 466x310cm / 240cm
Surface Size: Width 100cm (50cm on sides)
Height Dropstitch: 20cm
Weight: 85kg
Packed Size: 110x76x54cm

Yachtbeach Luxury Pool 6.2 - HIGHLIGHTS

- beautiful teak design
- 2 high pressure valves for quick and easy inflation
- relief valve ensures the right pressure
- 24 Yachtbeach connector handles and 2 extra carrying handles
- 4 D-rings on top and bottom for anchoring or connection to other inflatable structures
- 20cm dropstitch material with anti slip coating
- shipped with repair kit (glue free) and storage bag


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