Yachtbeach Foil Dock Single 2.05


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Luxury docking solution for your e-foil. Even better when combined with other modules from YACHTBEACH.

Yachtbeach Foil Dock Single 2.05 - INFORMATION

Tired of getting onboard? No worries Yachtbeach got you covered with their new Foil Dock!
This easy docking solution is not only suitable for almost any device, it also lets you build an platform by combining it with different modules.
So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on one of their products as long as you can!

The sturdy and robust handle connection system will save your gear even on rougher waves and can be put together within minutes. Time you could spend riding or enjoying your day!
Since there aren't any metal parts involved there will be no chance you get hurt.

In addition to your safety the anti slip surface made out of beautifully designed EVA will be helpful at any time as long as you don't get pushed into the water.
It's flexible and durable material is incedibly strong against all kinds of influences like saltwater or sunlight.
Equipped with robust dropstitch material, ballast bags, D-rings on top and bottom, high pressure valves and one high quality relief valve there is barely anything you could ever miss out on.

Yachtbeach Foil Dock Single 2.05 - DETAILS

Size: 205x205cm (6,7'x6,7')
Packed size: 80x40x30cm (31,5''x15,7''x11,8'')
Weight incl. bag: approx. 18,4 kg (40,5lbs)

Yachtbeach Foil Dock Single 2.05 - HIGHLIGHTS

- 2 Ramps with 8 cm thickness
- 6 handles (compatible with all Yachtbeach platforms and luxury pools over their connection system)
- 4 high pressure valves for quick and easy inflation
- highquality pressure relief valve ensures the right pressure
- 4 D-Rings at the top and 2 on the bottom for numerous connection options
- 4 ballast bags
- shipped with 1x carrying bag and 1x repair kit (without glue)


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