SipaBoards Drive Fisherman


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Wide and stable, while still offering an easy handling in changing conditions the Fisherman will help you reach the most secluded spots with ease.

SIPABOARDS Drive Fisherman

Oversized body offers premium stability, while still enabling you to maneuver into any hidden place with ease and quietness. Designed with and for fishermen, equipped with hooks for multiple add-ons and a silent SipaDrive jet engine, this is the SipaBoard Fisherman is the best SUP for fishing out there.


  • Sipaboard paddle carbon included (usually the price is 299€)
  • 11’0” double layer drop-stitch inflatable standup paddle board
  • Fully integrated jet engine and built-in compressor
  • Wireless paddle-mount remote
  • Battery pack for the SIPABOARD Fisherman and charging cable
  • Deluxe carrying backpack
  • Safety leash
  • Free Mobile App


  • Inflated dimensions  
    Length: 11 feet (3.35 m)
    Width: 31 inches (90 cm)
    Thickness: 5.5 inches (15 cm)
  • Deflated dimensions
    Length: approx 3 feet (100 cm)
    Width: 1.5 feet (50 cm)
    Thickness: 1 foot (30 cm)
  • Total Weight
    Board 21.5 lbs (9.75 kg)
    SIPA BOARD Fisherman 8.5 lbs (3.85 kg)
    Paddle with remote 26 ounces (0.75 kg)
  • Range: Provides cca 3 hours of help when paddling at cruising speed of 2 knots
  • Weight Riders: Ideal for under 200 lbs, but easily accommodates paddle boarders up to 225
    lbs ( 2 people on board)
  • Propulsion and inflation unit specs:
      • max. power output while cruising 160 watts
      • max. power output while inflating 250 watts
      • 3 speed settings up to 3.5 knots
      • inflation pressure typical 1 bar/15 psi, max 1,2 bar/18 psi
      • inflation time cca 5 min
      • self-regulating pressure gauge thermostat to prevent over-heating
      • all electronics are tightly integrated and sealed corrosion and condensation resistant parts & materials
      • low and safe voltage levels
      • Bluetooth 4,0 connectivity
  • Battery pack specs
      • easy to swap out battery pack
      • around 90 minute charging time
      • up to 1,000 battery charge cycles
      • cca 3 hours of operation at cruising speed


The SipaBoard Fisherman is a heavy-duty board, with tons of space for a cooler and a tackle box. Its motor runs quietly enough not to scare the fish, and fast enough to help you trawl. Dedicated rings are used to drop anchor, attach nets, and tie down all other accessories outdoor enthusiasts need.

It is the board that takes you to where the fish are biting. You’ll be in your element, casting and reeling in all day. To catch some bigger fish you’ll turn the motor on and paddle, fixing your fishing pole to trawl behind you on your way.

We worked extensively with fishing and paddle boarding professionals to give them exactly the SUP they asked for. The SipaBoard Fisherman is IT!

All SipaDrives are produced with the possibility of adding LEDs to the bottom. These will be controlled
with the same remote as the motor, and will be sure to light the way on your evening paddling sessions.

The SipaBoards carrying backpack is a custom-made bag designed to perfectly fit the specs of your
board. With dedicated pockets for your SipaDrive and battery-charging cable, everything you need to hit the water will be stored in one place. Its extra stitching on the straps makes it rugged enough to sling over your shoulders, and its small size lets it slide easily into the trunk or backseat

With a round drive housing design, there was no need for screws or extra parts, as the pressure from
the board itself holds the housing in place. When deflated, the Sipaboard Fisherman Drive slips right out.

The Sipa App is a great tool to keep you even safer. The Sipa Drive is Bluetooth enabled and the app will help paddlers control and monitor everything about their session. Importantly, the SipaDrive’s
software can be updated through the app, making it an invaluable resource for all SipaBoard.

We did not want to take any risks when it comes to quality. That is why we are relying on a Swiss
manufacturing partner to make our boards and take care that everything is just as it should be.

Pumping up a SUP is arguably the worst part of your whole trip, not to mention what to do with the pump once you’re done. Now the SIPABOARD Fisherman does the hard work for you, pumping up your board in just a matter of minutes, while you focus on the important things — like the gorgeous scenery, or the ducks swimming around in the background ...

The motor is controlled easily by wireless controls on the handle of the paddle. 4 buttons control all the functions, for different speeds, as well as for fast shut-off, inflation and LED lights. The motor also automatically shuts off if the paddle falls in the water, or if the paddle and motor are separated by more than a few meters.


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