iMatJet® / SUP Pump


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Spare electric pump for your iMatJet® or SUP with all the extra gear you need. Fast and easy to use.


The iMatJet® Pump saves time and energy. With the user-friendly air pump you inflate your iMatJet®, SUP board or inflatable boat in a few minutes and deflate it at least as fast. The digital high-pressure pump allows you to precisely set the desired air pressure up to 20 PSI or 1.4 BAR, as well as monitor the air pressure in real time via the digital display. For easy and convenient inflation and deflation, the pump stops automatically once the desired air pressure is reached. The electric air pump has a 275 cm cable and a 12V car adapter for mobile use. Includes 3 adapters for inflatable boat, air mattress & stand up paddle.

iMatJet® Pump - HIGHLIGHTS

- easy to use
- pressure up to 20 PSI or 1.4 BAR
- convenient digital display (shows pressure in PSI or BAR)
- automatic stop function
- 12v car adapter
- shipped with 3 adapters for inflation, high-pressure hose and manual


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