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iMatJet® "PRO" Inflatable Electric Water Lounger


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The world’s first electric powered water lounger. Designed for pleasure, relaxation and fun.
Includes 3 Battery sets

iMatJet® Pro inflatable electric water lounger | A Smarter Way To Chill

iMatJet® Pro is the world's first electrically powered and patented inflatable water chair with a backrest and electric motors that enable a cruising speed of up to 3 knots. 2 x 20000 mAh powerful batteries guarantee a minimum travel time of 1 hour. Equipped with a waterproof and floatable rechargeable remote control, the iMatJet® Pro offers a smooth ride and endless hours of play in the water.

For easy transport and storage, each iMatJet® comes in its own large trolley or small trolley and backpack as standard. Please choose your option before purchase.

iMatJet® Pro - What's included?

The iMatJet® Pro package includes:

  • 3 Battery sets
  • 2 powerful 24 volt motors in watertight motor housing
  • 2 waterproof plastic housings with 2 powerful 20 ampere hour batteries in removable battery compartment including 2 chargers
  • iMatJet® with 3-chamber system with SUP valves, 3 grab handles and 2 bottle holders
  • SUP compressor pump with inflate and deflate function
  • waterproof remote control with USB charging cable
  • integrated programmable circuit board with antenna
  • iMatJet® special trolley with 2 wheels
  • Additional battery for operating the high pressure pump. The battery is versatile and can be used, for example, for coolers with 12 volts.
  • Clearly laid out operating instructions in 11 languages, in colored booklet
  • 2 protective grilles in front of the propeller to avoid injury
  • 4 secondary seals for the battery compartment (it is recommended to replace the seals at
    the beginning of each summer)


iMatJet® Pro - Technical Specifications

  • Waterproof, floatable and rechargeable remote control
  • 1 hour minimum battery time with up to 1.5 hours of use depending on usage
  • 3 knots top speed (5.5 km/h)
  • Seawater resistant, quiet electric motors
  • Weight capacity up to 180 kg (396 pounds)
  • Plug-n-play battery replacement

iMatJet® Pro motorized floating chair

Meet the world’s first water lounger powered by electric motors with the speed up to 4 knots. Designed for pleasure, relaxation and fun, iMatJet revolutionizes the way you play in water by allowing you to move around in any direction all at the touch of a button! Drive through water with style with this innovative motorized water float.


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