Audi E-Tron E-Foil Life Jacket


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Professional life jacket in different sizes with zipper on side for easy removal. Comfortable & safe.

Audi E-Tron E-Foil Life Jacket - INFORMATION

Get hands on the newest safety equipment from Audi | Aerofoils! The protective life jacket can save you from drowning and protects your body from any impact. It is your own responsibility to take the proper safety precautions. With the e-foil delivering speeds of up to 50 km/h any accident could be your last one. Especially if there are rocks or any other formations blocking your way. So we absolutely recommend this life jacket to any surfer, no matter what experience he has!

The design is kept simple and looks professional by any means. With the soft but durable material and a zipper integrated at the side, the concept was well thought out and is particularly comfortable to wear and easy to remove afterwards. The workmanship leaves nothing to be desired, as usual with Audi.

The lifejackets are available in 6 different sizes. The recommended height for them can be found below.

Audi E-Tron E-Foil Life Jacket - DETAILS

Recommended Height:

  • XS  -  164-170cm
  • S  -  168-174cm
  • M  -  172-178cm
  • L  -  176-184cm
  • XL  -  182-189cm
  • XXL  -  187-194cm

Audi E-Tron E-Foil Life Jacket - HIGHLIGHTS

- recommended to any surfer, no matter what experience level
- elegant design for a professional look
- available in 6 sizes
- comfortable to wear & easy to undress


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