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SiFly E E-Foil


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A thrill for the whole family. Large volume e-foil board, perfect for beginners and heavier riders with up to 160kg. Perfectly balanced and easy to control.


SiFly is committed to designing e-foils that are not only user-friendly, but also offer high quality and durability. Thus, they enable both beginners and experienced riders to fully enjoy the exciting e-foiling experience. The vision from the company is to make e-foiling accessible to a wider group of users. Thus, every detail of the e-foils is developed extremely conscientiously to focus on safety, robustness and user-friendliness. The main focus is to ensure that the fascinating world of e-foiling can be enjoyed by a diverse range of people, regardless of their previous experience in surfing or water sports.
The SiFly E features the lowest start-up speed and the largest volume of any e-foil on the market, making it the optimal choice for beginners and people with heavier weights. It's a real asset for water sports schools, yacht charter companies and water sports centers. It is stable and easy to control, making the learning curve short and the riding experience gripping from the start.

And if you want to spend more time on the water with your family, the SiFly E is the perfect choice. With an impressive load capacity of up to 160 kg, it comfortably accommodates two people, making it ideal for family adventures together on the water.


  • Remote Controller
  • RC Wireless Charger
  • PowerCell LR
  • Smart Charger
  • your choice of wings & mast lenght

Accessibility Rethought

SiFly has made the sport more cost-effective than ever with competitive pricing. However, accessibility isn't solely about affordability; it's about ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for individuals of all skill levels. SiFly's user-friendly Efoil surfboards simplify the learning process. With SiFly, you won't encounter intimidating learning curves. You'll be smoothly gliding over the water in no time.

Loadable & Robust

The SiFly E-Foils effortlessly master even the most demanding loads. While other manufacturers have already thrown in the towel, this company shows how it's done. The boards are known for their budget-friendly pricing and exceptional durability, a rarity in the industry. Equipped with a shock-absorbing, closed-cell foam deck, these models not only offer impressive ruggedness to meet the most extreme demands, but also outstanding safety features that are loved by their users.

Usability Down To The Last Detail

From the most substantial and well-balanced board available to exceedingly compact and agile eFoils, the Adventure series offers a wide range of options. This ensures that every rider discovers their perfect board. With a vast selection of vibrant color choices, the e-Foils will command attention in every bay and on every beach, drawing admiring gazes.




  • Cruiser 1300 + CR300 - faster, more versatile combination (for advanced riders)
  • Cruiser 1900 + CR340 - maximum stability & lower speeds (ideal for learning)


Mast Lenghts

  • 55cm - closer to the water, more stability & control (great for beginners)
  • 75cm - better for rougher seas, more agile & maneuvrable (great for experienced surfers)


SiFly E E-Foil - DETAILS

Adventure Series
SiFly S SiFly R SiFly E
Speed up to
40 km/h
up to
40 km/h
up to
40 km/h
Runtime up to
2 hrs
up to
2 hrs
up to
2 hrs
2,5 hrs
2,5 hrs
2,5 hrs
Weight approx.
35 kg
36 kg
37 kg
Volume 98 L 120 L 170 L
Capacity up to
100 kg
up to
140 kg
up to
160 kg


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