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The Fliteboard ULTRA offers different drive options and multiple battery types. The ULTRA is therefore the ideal e-foil for all masters of the sport and those who want to become one. The incredible ride and unmatched performance make it the current end level model among all Flite efoils.


FLITE's E-Foils have been revolutionizing the watersports industry since 2016. With their innovative design and amazing quality, FLITE E-Foils offer a unique and exhilarating experience for surfers of all experience levels.
The proven model series number 3, sets new standards in performance, portability and customization. With the world's fastest e-foil, lightest battery, lightest weight and smallest dimensions, FLITE boards are among the most advanced e-foils on the market.

But what really sets FLITE apart is its versatility. With countless customization options and the ability to use multiple drive types, FLITE E-Foils can be tailored to meet the needs of any rider. Whether you're a beginner looking for a stable and easy to ride e-foil or an experienced surfer looking for the ultimate thrill, FLITE has the perfect e-foil for you.
Another unique selling point of FLITE E-Foils is their one-piece hull construction. This makes them incredibly durable and stable, even in choppy water. Whether you're cruising on a calm lake or carving through ocean waves, you can count on your FLITE E-Foil to keep you safe and supported.

Board Design & Material

The ULTRA model with 80cm mast length is known for its great capabilities to harness even the biggest waves.

The Premium Carbon Construction was revised in all points to create an even higher quality product. Crafted with signature Italian Carbon Innegra, this model offers riders superior strength and lightness for the ultimate experience. The black finish shines in every situation and enhances its overall luxury and elegant design even further.

Propulsion System

FLITE's electric hydrofoils offer three different propulsion system options to choose from, or you can opt for the Dual Drive System, which gives you the best of both worlds.

Propeller & Guard: The propeller delivers good performance and is well-suited for most sea conditions. Its efficiency is unmatched and works best in most situations.

Flite Jet System: This system provides additional protection for the propeller and is ideal for comfortable and controlled riding. It also has a lower risk of injury and behaves slightly slower and more balanced than the other options. It works best with larger wing sizes and lower experience levels since it provides a more stable ride.

True Glide: This patented propulsion system is ideal for experienced surfers and purists who want to catch the next wave without permanent electric support. With the True Glide propeller, you can also harness the power of nature and glide along in a relaxed manner.

The modular design of FLITE's electric hydrofoils makes it easy to replace the drive unit in just a few steps. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right propulsion system for your needs, depending on the environmental conditions and your riding style.

If you're planning varied adventures that include both shallow waters and wave areas, the Dual Drive System is the best option for you. This gives you the freedom to choose the right propulsion system for any situation.

Standard shipping includes the propeller and jet system. If you're interested in the True Glide option as a Dual Drive configuration, please contact us!

Battery Types

Flite's E-Foil batteries are the best on the market, thanks to their titanium coating, advanced technology, and IP67 waterproof rating. This makes them durable, lightweight, and safe, providing you with the best possible riding experience.

Flitecell Nano: The Flitecell Nano is the world's smallest and lightest battery for E-Foils. It provides up to 45 minutes of ride time and is easy to maneuver. Its tiny weight and perfect processing make it a great option for riders of all levels.

Sport Battery: The Sport battery offers a fast and responsive ride for up to 90 minutes. It's the most popular choice and sits in the middle of the range in terms of weight and performance.

Explorer Battery: The Explorer battery is the biggest battery in Flite's lineup and therefore delivers the longest runtime. It's the perfect choice for riders who are planning longer trips or want to share the fun with their friends. Keep in mind that a bigger battery means more weight in total.

Which battery is right for you?

It depends on your riding style and needs. If you're a beginner or looking for a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver battery, the Flitecell Nano is a great choice. If you're looking for a good balance of weight, performance, and runtime, the Sport battery is the best option. And if you're planning longer trips or want to share the fun with your friends, the Explorer battery is the way to go.

Weight Ride Time Recharge Time (Fast Charge) Capacity
Nano 6.2 kg up to 45min under 1hr 16 Ah, 0.85 KWh
Sport 11 kg up to 1.5hrs under 1.5hrs 29.4 Ah, 1.5 KWh
Explorer 14.5 kg up to 2.5hrs under 2hrs 40 Ah, 2.1 KWh

Wing Options


Model Experience Level Size Characteristics
Flyer 800
Intermediate / Advanced 828 cm² Stability: 7/10
Glide: 3/10
Carve: 4/10
Surf: 1/10
Race 700
Advanced 697 cm² Stability: 6/10
Glide: 2/10
Carve: 5/10
Surf: 1/10
Flow 1300 S
Advanced 1283 cm² Stability: 3/10
Glide: 5/10
Carve: 8/10
Surf: 8/10
Flow 1100 S
Intermediate / Advanced 1059 cm² Stability: 2/10
Glide: 2/10
Carve: 9/10
Surf: 6/10
Flow 1300
Beginner / Intermediate 1332 cm² Stability: 5/10
Glide: 8/10
Carve: 6/10
Surf: 10/10
Flow 1100
Intermediate / Advanced 1099 cm² Stability: 3/10
Glide: 4/10
Carve: 8/10
Surf: 9/10
Cruiser Jet 1800
Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 1817 cm² Stability: 9/10
Glide: 10/10
Carve: 2/10
Surf: 7/10
Cruiser Jet 1500
Beginner / Intermediate 1529 cm² Stability: 7/10
Glide: 9/10
Carve: 4/10
Surf: 10/10

Fliteboard ULTRA - DETAILS

Size: 128 x 58cm
Volume: 57L
Mast height: 80cm
Rated load capacity: 100kg
Weight (without battery & wings): 17kg


The Flite ULTRA is aimed at experienced surfers and professionals who are looking for the maximum agility and speed. The high 80cm mast works wonders in rough seas and bigger waves. A must have for those looking for an incredibly intense experience. Even though there is only one color to choose from, the board is very versatile and can be customized perfectly according to your own ideas. Unlike the ULTRA L, which is trimmed for lightness, the Fliteboard ULTRA offers different drive options and multiple battery types. The ULTRA is therefore the ideal e-foil for all masters of the sport and those who want to become one. The incredible ride and unmatched performance make it the current end level model among all Flite efoils.


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