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Flite's ultimate choice for freestyle riders and experienced surfer, who weigh less than 100kg. The advanced technology board provides unreached performance matched with outstanding maneuverability.

Fliteboard Fast Charger


Flite's E-Foils find their origin in 2016 and have been constantly optimized since then. Thus, the manufacturer managed to break several records with the new model series 3. Among them, for example, the world's fastest E-foil, the lightest battery and both the lowest weight and the smallest dimensions.

Probably the most decisive characteristics of the manufacturer are the countless customization options and the possibility of using different propulsion types. The plug & play system is not only convincing here, but also allows various upgrades at any time after the purchase. Thus, every surfer can decide which features suit him best and find the best option depending on his experience level.

Another unique selling point is found in the construction of the hull, which is made of one piece and therefore offers more stability and durability.

Board Design & Material

The PRO model with 75cm mast length is available in 10 different versions and is considered the ultimate choice for freestyle riders and experienced surfer, who weigh less than 100kg. There is three different model classes to choose from: Fiberglass, Carbon Classic & Carbon.

Fiberglass is the most cost-effective alternative and is in no way inferior to the carbon variants in terms of stability and aerodynamics. Only the weight and thus also the maneuverability are influenced by the material.

The Carbon Classic model is lighter due to the material properties and is therefore suitable for a dynamic driving style. While the design corresponds to the fiberglass model, the carbon classic variant includes a transport bag for scratch protection.

The Carbon design was revised in all points to create an even higher quality product. Crafted with signature Italian Carbon Innegra, this model offers riders superior strength and lightness for the ultimate experience.

Propulsion System

Choose from three different drive configurations or benefit from the Dual Drive System, which gives you the power of choice to react to different environmental conditions. Thanks to the modular design, the drive unit can be replaced in just a few steps. The efficient propeller delivers good performance and is well suited for most sea conditions.

The safety-conscious jet system provides additional protection for the propeller and is particularly suitable for comfortable & controlled riding. The shielded drive provides less risk of injury and behaves slightly slower and more balanced compared to the other alternatives. It works great in combination with bigger wing sizes like Cruiser Jet 1800 & 1500.

Another great option for experienced surfers and purists is the True Glide propellor that spins freely on power off. This patented propulsion system is ideal for anyone who is trying to catch the next wave and does not need permanent electric support. With the TrueGlide propeller, you can also harness the power of nature and glide along in a relaxed manner.

If you're planning varied adventures that include longer trips through shallow waters as well as exciting wave areas, be sure to use the Dual Drive System, which gives you the freedom of choice. Our standard shipping includes propellor & jet system. If you're interested in the TrueGilde option as Dual Drive configuration please give us a shout! Just add the request to your order or contact us upfront. Our support team welcomes you!


Battery Types

Flite's market-leading batteries are titanium coated, making them durable and lightweight. The advanced technology and IP67 waterproof rating ensure the highest level of safety, providing you the best solution on the market.

Flitecell Nano stands for ultimate agility. Engineers achieved to create the world’s smallest and lightest battery for e-foils. It provides power for up to 45 minutes, and can be effortless manoeuvrabled. The tiny weight and perfect processing make this a considerable option.

The Sport battery offers a fast and responsive ride for up to 90 min in total. It's the most popular choice and sits in the middle of the range in terms of weight and performance.

The Explorer Version is the biggest battery out of the batch and therefore delivers the longest runtime. Whenever you're planning to ride greater distances of want to share the fun with your friends, this battery is your way to go. Please keep in mind, a bigger battery means more weight in total.

Weight Ride Time Recharge Time (Fast Charge) Capacity
Nano 6.2 kg up to 45min under 1hr 16 Ah, 0.85 KWh
Sport 11 kg up to 1.5hrs under 1.5hrs 29.4 Ah, 1.5 KWh
Explorer 14.5 kg up to 2.5hrs under 2hrs 40 Ah, 2.1 KWh

Choose your Wings

Fliteboard PRO - DETAILS

Size: 152 x 62cm
Volume: 67L
Mast height: 75cm
Rated load capacity: 100kg
Weight (without battery & wings): 16,5kg (carbon models) & 17.3kg (fibreglass)


- responsive, manoeuvrable and intrepid
- Freestyle ready through the TrueGlide propulsion system
- perfect to journey you through more advanced experience levels (from enthusiast to professional)
- efficient drive and powerful battery for a minimum operating time of 45min and fast charging available
- high-quality processing with many individualization options


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