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The Fliteboard AIR is perfect for yachts, Fliteschools, resorts, and families, as well as beginners and heavier riders. Its increased buoyancy and stability make it the ideal eFoil for learning and exploring.

Fliteboard Air E-Foil - INFORMATION

Flite's E-Foils find their origin in 2016 and have been constantly optimized since then. Thus, the manufacturer managed to break several records with the new model series 3. Among them, for example, the world's fastest E-foil, the lightest battery and both the lowest weight and the smallest dimensions.

Probably the most decisive characteristics of the manufacturer are the countless customization options and the possibility of using different propulsion types. The plug & play system is not only convincing here, but also allows various upgrades at any time after the purchase. Thus, every surfer can decide which features suit him best and find the best option depending on his experience level.

The inflatable Fliteboard AIR is especially suitable for leisure activities. Due to the larger volume, it offers particularly high stability and is also designed for higher loads. It behaves forgiving and is fun for anyone, beginners and experts.

Board Design & Material

The robust yet lightweight dropstitch material will convince even the harshest critics. The stable carbon core in combination with the internal pressure of 15-16 psi ensures a balanced ride.

The design also leaves nothing to be desired and is available in two versions. In addition to the classic 'Pebble', there is also the new color 'Coral', which attracts all eyes with its pretty appearance. Both boards feature color-matched custom deck grips and molded silicone handles.

Propulsion System

Fliteboard lets you choose between different drive options, the powerful and efficient propeller or the safety-conscious jet system. While the Flite Jet provides a comfortable and uncomplicated riding experience, the Propeller comes up with a removable guard and offers better performance and agility. The Plug & Play system lets you switch whenever you feel like, providing you with endless possibilities to encounter any weather condidtion.

The modular design of FLITE's electric hydrofoils makes it easy to replace the drive unit in just a few steps. This gives you the flexibility to choose the right propulsion system for your needs, depending on the environmental conditions and your riding style.

If you're planning varied adventures that include both shallow waters and wave areas, the Dual Drive System is the best option for you. This gives you the freedom to choose the right propulsion system for any situation.

Battery Types

The market-leading batteries from Flite are covered in a titanium coating to make them durable and light. Advanced technology and the waterproof rating of IP67 ensure the maximum of safety and deliver you the best solution around.

The Flitecell Sport offers a fast and responsive ride for up to 90 min in total. It's the most popular choice and sits in the middle of the range in terms of weight and performance.

The Explorer Version is the biggest battery out of the batch and therefore delivers the longest runtime. Whenever you're planning to ride greater distances of want to share the fun with your friends, this battery is your way to go.

Weight Ride Time Recharge Time (Fast Charge) Capacity
Sport 11 kg up to 1.5hrs under 1.5hrs 29.4Ah, 1.5 KWh
Explorer 14.5 kg up to 2.5hrs under 2hrs 40 Ah, 2.1 KWh

Wing Options

Model Experience Level Size Characteristics
Cruiser 1800
Beginner / Intermediate 1826 cm² Stability: 10/10
Glide: 7/10
Carve: 1/10
Surf: 5/10
Cruiser 1100
Beginner / Intermediate 1126 cm² Stability: 8/10
Glide: 3/10
Carve: 3/10
Surf: 3/10
Cruiser Jet 1800
Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced 1817 cm² Stability: 9/10
Glide: 10/10
Carve: 2/10
Surf: 7/10
Cruiser Jet 1500
Beginner / Intermediate 1529 cm² Stability: 7/10
Glide: 9/10
Carve: 4/10
Surf: 10/10

Fliteboard Air E-Foil - DETAILS

Size: 183 x 76cm
Mast height: 60cm
Rated load capacity: 120kg
Weight: 19.6kg (without battery)
Volume: 164L

Fliteboard Air E-Foil - HIGHLIGHTS

- smooth and forgiving entry / safe to use
- inflatable exterior for lighter weight and easy transport
- strong enough to maintain constant enjoyment
- creates a stable platform for learning
- high-quality equipment with many individualization options


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