Flite x Marc Newson Limited Edition E-Foil


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The latest developments offer a wide range of options to give surfers of all experience levels the best possible riding experience. Whether MN86, MN60 or MN60 Wave, the newest generation boards are ready for any application.


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Flite x Marc Newson Limited Edition - INFORMATION

As the market leader in the e-foil industry, the Australians know what matters. Fliteboards have been delighting customers on all levels since 2016. The pioneers of electric water sports trust in tradition of the surfing lifestyle and convince with their innovative design and the unmatched quality of their products. The new model series was conceived in collaboration with the renowned designer Marc Newson and not only emphasizes the noble appearance. Weight, aerodynamics and material are just some of the aspects that perfect the new boards. Witness the next generation of e-foils and get inspired.

Flite is known for the versatility and customizability of its offer. Once again, the latest developments offer a wide range of options to give surfers of all experience levels the best possible riding experience. Whether MN86, MN60 or MN60 Wave, the boards are ready for any application.

The innovations are diverse. The mast has been revised and is now even more responsive as a monobloc. Aerodynamics optimized to the limits. The material used for the board is Japanese HMPP carbon fiber, whose properties are second to none. The controller has also been adapted and impresses with its first-class color display and an inductive charging function. In addition, a new generation of wing sets has been established, which have been improved in terms of agility and thus offer the incomparable experience that you may soon experience. Stay tuned!

Designed by Legends

Introducing the new Monobloc Mast System, Flite did a great job in collaboration with one of the best product designers, Marc Newson. Improved aerodynamics through a "flowing form" and the minimalistic mounting solution leave nothing to be desired. Feel the difference and experience a perfectly stiff, great reacting e-foil board that shines at all levels.

But thats not everything. The revised models come either with the 62mm MN Dual Drive propulsion system for the MN86 and MN60 or the 46mm True Glide propeller for the MN60 Wave. The Dual Drive includes two interchangeable propellers, the efficient true glide propeller or the safety improved Jet engine. The True Glide system shows innovation at its best, providing the ability to fold automatically while surfing on waves. Unleash the power of nature and enjoy the purest form of watersports within your very own state-of-the-art e-foil experience. The 46mm version is the smallest possible propulsion and optimizes the drag to the bare minimum, making it even more useful whilst riding waves.

Beauty is in the Details

Wheter you are inspecting the new voronoi pattern deck shape, the elegant designed batteries or the newest quick-release system. All features are matched to an unbelievably beautiful board, that impresses even more through its user-friendlyness. Like every other Fliteboard, battery levels, board health, connection and pairing status are displayed on a minimalist lightbar. New integrated silicone handles work great against unexpected steps and won't irritate you in any situation.

The controller got improved as well by equipping it with a handy inductive charger, a colorful display and a new real-time Wave mode, that opens up possibilities for challenges. Compare your statistics over the smartphone app and impress your friends with these new functions.

Battery Types

Flite's E-Foil batteries are the best on the market, thanks to their titanium coating, advanced technology, and IP67 waterproof rating. This makes them durable, lightweight, and safe, providing you with the best possible riding experience.

Flitecell MN Nano - The Flitecell Nano is the world's smallest and lightest battery for E-Foils. It provides up to 45 minutes of ride time and is easy to maneuver. Its tiny weight and perfect processing make it a great option for riders of all levels. Flitecell MN Sport - The Sport battery offers a fast and responsive ride for up to 90 minutes. It's the most popular choice and sits in the middle of the range in terms of weight and performance. Flitecell MN Explore - The explorer battery is the biggest battery in Flite's lineup and therefore delivers the longest runtime. It's the perfect choice for riders who are planning longer trips or want to share the fun with their friends. Keep in mind that a bigger battery means more weight in total.

Which battery is right for you?

It depends on your riding style and needs. If you're a beginner or looking for a lightweight and easy-to-maneuver battery, the Flitecell Nano is a great choice. If you're looking for a good balance of weight, performance, and runtime, the Sport battery is the best option. And if you're planning longer trips or want to share the fun with your friends, the Explorer battery is the way to go.

Flitecell Model Weight Ride Time Recharge Time Capacity
MN Nano 6.2 kg up to 45min under 1hr 16.8 Ah, 0.8 KWh
MN Sport 10.6 kg up to 1.5hrs under 1.5hrs 30 Ah, 1.6 KWh
MN Explore 14.5 kg up to 2.5hrs under 2hrs 40 Ah, 2.1 KWh

Wing Options

The new boards come with 7 revised wing sets that are made of the same japanese HMPP carbon fiber as the board itself and therefore provide next-level performance and durability. Same as the revision of the board hence aerodynamics, the new wing sets feel even more maneuvrable and offer the best overall experience known to mankind.

Model Short Description Size Availability
Cruiser Jet 1500C
stable with a long glide 1500 cm² included in MN86 & MN60
optional for MN 60 Wave
MN 1300C
the perfect all-rounder 1300 cm² included in MN86 & MN60
optional for MN 60 Wave
Flow S 1300C
for riding smaller waves 1300 cm² optional for MN 60 Wave
Flow 1100C
for waves and more 1059 cm² optional for MN 60 Wave
Flow 900C
for big waves and fast riding 900 cm² optional for MN 60 Wave
Wave 1000C
the wave all-rounder 1099 cm² optional for MN 60 Wave
Wave 850C
the faster wave all-rounder 1817 cm² optional for MN 60 Wave

Flite x Marc Newson Limited Edition - DETAILS

Model MN86 MN60 MN60 Wave
162 x 66cm 140 x 63cm 140 x 63cm
86L 60L 60L
Weight 27.5kg 25.5kg 19.5kg
Load capacity heavier riders lighter riders lighter riders


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